Monday, November 28, 2016

Make more $$$ by taking our Med Tech course!

Guess what? Your training doesn't just stop as a CNA! You can earn even more by becoming a Certified Medication Aide. The average hourly rate is $11.81 according to Yes becoming a CNA is a great thing, but our Medication Aide program is even shorter than our CNA and costs less! Yes, you read that right, you can get even higher pay in less time for less money. It's a no brainer really and a lot of our students enroll right after they graduate. If you're one of the people that did not enroll, there's no time like the present. Trust us, it's the next natural step in your career in healthcare. Now enrolling from December 5th! Call us today and reserve your spot (804) 353-1747

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Earn $25 TODAY!

We have a lot of graduates from Virginia School for Nurse Aides, in fact there is over 1,200 of you out there fulfilling jobs all over Richmond in the medical field. Your employers have high praise for all of you but your rewards don't end with your current employer. Do you know of any friends or family that are trying to start the New Year fresh at a new job and with higher pay? There is still time for them! All they have to do is give us a call and enroll for our class on November 21st, they can also do it on our website at You will earn $25 for each referral, and no there's NO LIMIT to how much you can earn for your referrals. You don't even to have graduated yet, this applies to our current students.

 So why becoming a CNA? There is a shortage of nurses in Richmond, and employers are always looking to hire. It can be a flexible work schedule so if you have kids or are completing a four year degree this could be the perfect career path for you. Just in case you need another reason, the national average for CNA pay is $11.5 an hour. Don't think those are good reasons? Well the program is ONLY 5 weeks. There really isn't anything out there like this that can get you career results so quickly.

Virginia School for Nurse Aides is....

"Where the good ones come from"

*offer only valid for current and past students