Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Supporting a great cause

We had the opportunity to come out to Nacho Mama's Bar and Grill to support the Alzheimer's Association of Richmond. It was a fantastic event and we're always excited to be a part of anything that raises awareness and money for diseases like this. We are in the industry of patient care and we know the importance of this particular cause. Can't wait until the next event! 


Monday, May 23, 2016

What's Med Tech?

We're well known for our CNA program - a lot of our students come here, graduate, get a job and some come back to get their Med Tech certification. If you're not in the industry you may be wondering what "Med Tech" actually means. In lamest terms, it is a way for you to enhance your CNA certification quickly and also make a little bit more money in the process.

Having a Medication Aide Certification allows a CNA to administer drugs to patients that they are taking care of. The types of medications that they are allowed to administer is limited to just certain types are typically medications that must be administered daily.

We found a great description of what you can expect when working as a Medication Aide from Learn.org.

"As a medication aide, you give prescribed topically and orally administered medications under a nurse's supervision. You make sure that the six rights of medication administration - correct person, drug, dose, time, route and documentation - are followed. You will chart the medication, dosage, time and date of administration on the patient's record. Refusals to take medications will also be charted.

You may be responsible for picking up or taking delivery of medications from pharmacies. If required, you take blood pressure readings, temperatures and heart or pulse rates. Your job duties may include providing support with hygiene and grooming."

Not all CNA schools provide this training and for most of our students, it seems like a natural step after graduating. After graduation students have built their confidence as CNAs and it is easy for them to transition into Medication Aide. We never stop learning and this is a great way to get some continuing education and get paid more without requiring going back to school full time. For more information about becoming a Med Tech visit our website Virginia School for Nurse Aides.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's All About Your Skills!

Students always ask - what does it take to be a CNA? Is it easy? and, can I do it? Honestly, a big part of it is reading and lecture. Our teachers sit down with our students in intimate settings and teach a certified course for about a week - but it doesn't really stop there. 

Practice makes perfect! And there is no other way to put what you have learned to good use other than actually practicing it. Our teachers first demonstrate, then students practice on a dummy and also on each other. They are being mentored and monitored by our teachers for a week. This is where our students get comfortable and ask many questions. What's so great about the size of our classes is that our students can feel comfortable and confident with interacting with others. They get to know each other pretty quickly and are able to not only rely on their teachers but also each other. 

Once you're done with this portion of the program, students go to clinicals. Clinicals are real life situations where they help real patients. Students travel to the site everyday and put their skills to use. Teachers are always there to supervise and ensure that if they have any questions that those are answered. This really is essential to the success of our students. In order to be successful, students must have great teachers, proper training and most importantly the drive to be successful. Having the right school is going to make all the difference to your success. So make sure that you choose wisely! The better CNA you are, the better pay you'll get!