Sunday, April 24, 2016

The National CNA Average Pay Is....

How much money do you currently make an hour? Becoming a CNA is not only something that can fulfill you as a person but it can also help you make more money per hour. On the low end, a CNA can expect to get paid $8.55 per hour, the minimum wage in Virginia currently stands at $7.25 per hour, that's over one dollar more per hour. Let's say that you work 4 weeks out of the month and you work full time - at minimum wage that's $1,160 before taxes. If you become a CNA your salary per month would be $1,368 - that's $208 MORE every month and that's assuming that you are getting paid on the low end of CNA work. If you get paid the median wage your monthly income would be $1,846.40 or $686.40 more every month!

Becoming a CNA doesn't have to take a long time, in fact it takes 5 weeks with Virginia School for Nurse Aides which is a lot shorter than a lot of other colleges that offer this program. It costs a little over a thousand dollars to become a CNA with us and we offer payment options for those who need it. When you look at the big picture though, one thousands dollars doesn't sound like a lot of money when you have the potential of making $686 more every month if you're making minimum wage. It is an intensive 5 week course - but the reason why we decided to make it 5 weeks is because we know that people have busy lives and they may need to make more money fast.

People become CNA's because yes, they want to make more money, but more importantly because they want to have a better career and better future. Sometimes being a CNA is something that people do so that they can put themselves through school or maybe they just have a family to support and need to pay their bills, whatever the reason being a CNA can put you in a totally different path in just 5 short weeks. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and change your future today!

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